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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you have questions about working with us. Below are answers to commonly asked questions.

For detailed information about what happens in the memory evaluation appointment and after, please visit Your Journey with Us.

How do I make a memory evaluation appointment?

  1. Visit the Patient Forms page and click to download the Rancho Health History Form
  2. Print and complete the form
  3. Send us the completed form by fax or email:
  4. We will call you to schedule your appointment.

What if I have trouble using the Health History Form?

If you have trouble with the form, call us at (562) 385-8130 to request an appointment.

We need you to give us the following information when you call:

  • patient name
  • birthdate
  • current address
  • phone number
  • social security number
  • medical insurance
  • primary care physician/provider name and contact information
  • name and contact information of a family member or someone who will serve as your primary contact to our office

How soon can I get a memory evaluation appointment?

Before we can schedule your appointment, we need to receive approval from the patient’s health insurance carrier.  It may as little as three (3) days or as many as 10 days before we can call you to schedule your appointment. 

What can I do if health insurance denies the memory evaluation appointment request?

We will call you to tell you why the health insurance company said it denied the appointment so you can work with them to try to get approval. 

What if I have difficulty getting the requested health records or insurance documents?

We will help you and the patient to get the necessary information.

Will I need to bring medical records to the memory evaluation appointment?

Yes, please bring recent medical records from the patient’s primary care provider, especially if memory evaluations or assessments were previously done. We would also like you to bring copies of recent blood tests (done within the prior 6 months) and recent electrical cardiogram (EKG), if applicable.

SECOND OPINION: If you have had a prior evaluation/diagnosis and this appointment is for a second opinion, please bring copies of the medical records, and the diskette of the head scan (CT, MRI, PET) if one was done for the initial diagnosis.

When will my appointment be scheduled?

We schedule evaluation and testing appointments ONLY on Monday mornings from 9 am – noon.

Where is the Rancho Los Amigos/USC California Alzheimer’s Disease Center?

Our clinic is located on the campus of the Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center in Downey, CA.

7601 E. Imperial Highway
Downey, CA 90242

How do I prepare myself for my memory evaluation appointment?

  • Have a good night’s sleep
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Bring some healthy snacks and water

Who do I bring with me to my appointment?

All patients are asked to come with a family member or someone who can serve as a primary contact, provide patient information and make medical decisions, if needed, for the patient.

What if I do not have anyone to come with me?

If you don’t have a family member who can come with you, please ask a close friend or other trusted person to accompany you. This person should be someone who will be able to help you make medical decisions or who would care for you if you became seriously ill.

Visit Your Journey With Us to learn what to expect during and after your memory evaluation appointment.


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