About Rancho CADC

Our Center

The Rancho Los Amigos/USC California Alzheimer’s Disease Center serves patients with memory disorders and their families within the greater Los Angeles area, including residents from:

  • Southern and Eastern LA county
  • Western Orange County
  • Riverside-San Bernardino
We offer bilingual services in Spanish and English.
We can also arrange for bilingual service in other languages, including Chinese.

Rancho Los Amigos CADC

Our staff offices are temporarily located within the Geriatric Neurobehavior and Alzheimer’s Center (pictured)

Patient Services

We provide services to improve health, quality of life, and reduce the degree of disability for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

These patient services include:

  • Comprehensive medical, neurologic, and psychiatric assessments and follow-up
  • Treatment of vascular risk factors
  • Clinical support for sleep disturbances, depression, and agitation
  • Education and support to slow progression
  • Referral to community resources such as adult day care and physical therapy
  • Long-term care planning

Who We Can See

Access to the Rancho Los Amigos/USC California Alzheimer’s Disease Center depends on your insurance status. We are able to see people in LA County who:

  • Are on Medi-Cal
  • Have Medicare and are NOT assigned to a Medicare Advantage plan
  • Are uninsured
  • Have a private insurance that contracts with LA County


Referrals by medical professionals, other healthcare providers, and agencies are welcome, however, no referral is necessary for a memory assessment. Family members or individuals who wish to arrange a memory assessment may simply call us at (562) 385-8130 to schedule an evaluation.


Evaluation and treatment costs vary according to the services provided. Payment sources may be Medicare, Medi-Cal, private insurance, or personal funds.


Our center is affiliated with the USC Memory and Aging Center (MAC) and USC Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. We refer patients to clinical trials evaluating new ways of treating and diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease. We also work with researchers at the USC School of Gerontology, USC Department of Psychology, and USC School of Pharmacy and refer patients to studies being conducted on aging, and how different factors may protect against or accelerate mental decline in old age. Depending on your eligibility, you may be invited to take part in one or more of these studies.

Our Additional Services

In addition to clinical patient services, we also provide services for:

Rancho Los Amigos / USC
Rancho Los Amigos / USC