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Memory Testing

What is memory testing?

Memory testing, also called neuropsychological testing, is done to assess brain functions, including concentration, reasoning, paying attention, problem solving and remembering. It involves a series of tests, not just one single test. The testing involves paper and pencil tests, as well as games, designed to assess a person’s memory, calculation ability and language function. The results give us an overall picture of how a person’s brain is working.

These tests have been developed over several decades. They are suitable for people with different ages and levels of education.

How long will memory testing take?

The testing will take about an hour and half (90 minutes). Being a little nervous or anxious is normal and expected. If you get tired, you can ask the person testing you for a break.

When will I get memory testing results?

It usually takes several weeks for the tests to be scored. The results will be reviewed and shared with the patient and family members at the return visit.